Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Transdisciplinarity and levels of awareness

"To transform life into experience, experience in science, science in action and action in life... and so on until the infinite".Can you better summarize the essence of Transdisciplinarity?

NICOLESCU (1996) in his article about “a new vision of the World” extracted from his book “La Transdisciplinarité - Manifeste”, elucidates us about this concept:
“as the prefix "trans" indicates, transdisciplinarity concerns that which is at once between the disciplines, across the different disciplines, and beyond all discipline. Its goal is the understanding of the present world , of which one of the imperatives is the unity of knowledge”
Life and experience (Culture) is then tied to Science and Science to action (Technology/ Art) providing new levels of life. This complex way of relations between and among all this, deals with what is called emergence and leads to new levels of reality and of awareness. These levels of awareness corroborate JUDGE (1999) who says that there are different “approaches to understanding Transdisciplinarity”:
The most common (Transdisciplinarity-1) is that based on efforts to formally relate the insights of particular disciplines, providing some form of logical meta-framework through which they may be integrated at a higher level of abstraction than interdisciplinarity. The second (Transdisciplinarity-2) is that associated much more intimately with individual experience in the moment. These two approaches are themselves contrasted with three other forms. Illustrative use of metaphor and figurative language may be considered a primitive form of transdisciplinarity (Transdisciplinarity-0). This should be considered distinct from that form of transdisciplinarity (Transdisciplinarity-3) associated with use of generative root metaphors having fundamental cognitive implications. Finally, it is useful to hypothesize the existence of a fifth form (Transdisciplinarity-4) that might in future combine the characteristics of the other forms in a more operationally fruitful way
This is the abstract of "Transdisplinarity-3 as the Emergence of Patterned Experience" contribution made by Anthony Judge to the 1st World Congress of Transdisciplinarity Arrabida, Portugal, November 1994. Abridged version published in: Jose Manuel Ferreira (ed.) Proceedings of the First World Congress of Transdisciplinarity. Lisbon: Hugin Editores, 1999


Omni said...

Emergence, hmmmmmmmm... you sound like my kinda blogger. I focus on how reality comes from karma, in ways that follow rules... but those rules elude us in large part.


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Not much into politics, but keep up th egood wirk, you already have a fan, more are on the way.